How many lessons will I need?

Everyone learns at their own pace and it is often difficult to predict the number of lessons a person may need. That is why we offer students the choice of a single lesson, a double lesson, or a package special (save money when you sign up for a package).


Do I have to have a permit?

Yes, the first step is to get your NYS learner permit. Click here for more info.

Can I use the instructor's car for my road test?

Absolutely! We offer road test service.

I am an experienced driver, but I need my license right away

If you learned to drive in another state or another country we can help.  We know you don't need to learn the ABC's all over again but we also know that every day driving and preparing for the road test are two different things.  We recommend scheduling an evaluation lesson as soon as possible to see where you stand and prepare you for the exam.  If you haven't done so already you should schedule the mandatory 5hr Class. This class certificate is needed in order to schedule your road test and we can do that for you during the class.

I am a Beginner Driver. Help!
In many ways, it's better to start off with no experience. People with "some" experience many times have bad habits which take extra time to break.  Our instructors specialize in beginner drivers and our "From the Curb" exercises is a proven method for getting you out on the road safely and with the proper foundation. Start off with an Evaluation Lesson and let your instructor give you an honest opinion on what you will need.   This lesson is also an opportunity for you to evaluate us!



Provided below are helpful links:

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles



Rules for Junior Drivers and Learner Permits

NYS DMV Downloadable Forms

New Driver Resource Center


***Students who are below the age of 18 will not receive their full driver’s license and only obtain a Juniors driving license if they do not have their MV-285 course completion course that is only administered through a driver’s education program. Level up Driving School only offers the 5 hour pre licensing class with a mv-278 course completion certificate, the MV-278 certificate does not constitute the student obtaining there full license under the age of 18.